Thursday, February 16, 2012

Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a neurological disorder wherein the person does not feel comfortable with their legs at rest.  In some the same urge can be associated with the arms or feet.  It usually occurs when the person is sitting for long periods of time or lying down and is temporarily relieved if they get up and move about.  For some involuntary leg movement will occur as they sleep.  For others the discomfort can be so intense that they are unable to sleep and must get up and move about.  This leads to insomnia with the associated fatigue and lack of energy during the day.  Because it can happen during prolonged sitting it may be difficult to travel by air or car.
The cause of this disorder has not been identified.  It may occur at any age but the probability and frequency increase with age.  Women are more prone to the disorder than men.  Frequency also increases with increased stress or emotional discomfort.

Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends:  AromaTouch, Deep Blue, frankincense, lavender, marjoram, Roman chamomile, Serenity

Suggested protocols:
2 - 4 drops of AromaTouch blend massaged into the area when an episode is beginning.  Use a carrier to facilitate the massage.
Some have also had positive results with Deep Blue, marjoram, Roman chamomile and/or Serenity with the same massage application.

Experiences and Testimonials of others

Judy -  I have a friend who has restless leg syndrome. She is taking the Life Long Vitality supplements, and putting  Serenity, peppermint and lavender on her legs. Has anyone had success with this problem and what are they using. Apparently what she is using isn't helping completely as she is taking a muscle relaxant prescription.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Maree - AromaTouch did it for me... cured my restless legs and took me off of 2 ibuprofen 800s nightly. My mom loves wintergreen and Deep Blue for her's. Try a few different oils and see what works for you, we are all so different.
Deborah - I too use AromaTouch and it does an incredible job when I am having an episode of RLS.  I just rub it on my legs and within moments, it stops.  It is awesome!  I fly a lot and tend to have episodes of RLS during a flight once in a while, just a quick application does the trick.
Kelli - I just started getting RLS. The first night it happened was the worst experience! I was up walking around at 3 am crying! It was miserable. I have been rubbing AromaTouch and Serenity on my legs every night since then and I haven't had another miserable night! I use about a tablespoon of fractionated coconut oil with 4 drops AromaTouch and rub that in real good on both legs. Then I do the same thing with the Serenity. I can literally feel my legs calm down and relax within a couple minutes.

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